A Photography and Graphic Design Company.

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Idea Benders is a photography company. Weddings, Senior portraits, Calendar Shoots, Journalistic Photography at an event and Family Photography are just a few examples of work we have done. 



Idea Benders is a Graphic Design company as well. Taking the customer's idea and bending it until it becomes the perfect design is what we do best. We've done everything from logos, brochures, bus wraps, billboards, brand guides, apparel, stationary and more. We are here for you to help grow your brand to increase revenue of your company.

Brand Development


Branding is the backbone to any business. It's what makes you, well you! Customer's experiences matter and consistency in design can make your company recognizable at a glance.  If you need help branding your company reach out. We would love to help.  If you need examples Idea Benders have helped brand JL Beers, Vinyl Taco, NoBull, Bailey's PDR, Turf Tamers and more.

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Idea Benders

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